CNC10 Trimming Machine
TS1 Vacuum Forming Machine
T10 Vacuum Forming Machine
Ais CJG Laser Cutting Machine
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EFC EF-200 Support Stand
Thermoforming & CNC 5-Axis CNC Machines
Formech 300XQ Print

Australia's Specialist Supplier of Plastic Fabrication Equipment.

PLASQUIP SALES commenced trading in Perth in December 2004 as a family owned and operated business. Our vision from the outset was to become a Specialist Supplier of Plastic Fabrication Equipment to the Plastics, Display, and Signage Industries here in Australia and New Zealand. With over 25 years of experience in the Plastics Industry, Ken Craddock (Manager/Partner) and his team are now ready to drive your business forward with QUALITY, EFFICENCY, and SAFETY in the solutions we provide.

PLASQUIP SALES relocated to Sydney in September 2005 to provide a more centralized location for our target market, with our base in Melrose Park NSW used to distribute Australia-Wide and into New Zealand.

Through our long association with the Plastics Industry and many years of ‘hands-on’ experience, we observed a lack of quality Plastics Machinery available in the local market to streamline our local manufacturing processes, and set about to source these products in the global marketplace. Today, we can say this vision has been substantially realized, with an ever-increasing loyal customer base proving the benefits to their businesses with REAL SOLUTIONS that actually ENHANCE THEIR BOTTOM LINE. With our worldwide-recognized network of suppliers, we will continue to grow and be……

Australia’s Specialist Supplier of Plastic Fabrication Equipment.


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