EFR ZX-2050 CO2 Laser Tube

EFR ZX-2050 CO2 Laser Tube
EFR ZX-2050 CO2 Laser Tube

Product Code: ZX-2050

EFR ZX-2050 CO2 Laser Tube

ZX Series CO2 Laser Tube and Product Characteristics:


LENGTH - 2050mm, POWER - 180W, Maximum Power - 200W, Operating Current - 30mA

1. Good Material: The discharge tubes are imported from germany, Lens and mirrors are imported from USA and Metal are processed by a Japanese company.
2. Unique Technology: Germany glass-to-metal sealing technique, adjustable tube resonant cavity and Germany catalyst technology (coated in discharge tube)
3. Higher Power: 40% Higher than other same length tubes.
4. Stability: The catalyst plated in the discharge tube coordinates unique eletrode treatment technique to make discharge more stable and ensures no attenuation during long runs
5. Spot Mode: Adjustable resonator makes mode up to TEM00
6. High performance-to-price ratio: superior performance with a reasonable price
7. Normal Working Life: 10000 hours
8. Warranty Period: 1 Year

Price: $4,995.00 +GST