HSK300 Hot Air Welder

HSK300 Hot Air Welder
HSK300 Hot Air Welder

Product Code: HSK300

HSK300 Hot Air Welder

HSK 300 Hot Air Welder

This HSK 300 hot air tool features a tapered handle for ease of handling and use. Ergonomically designed to make doing the job easier. A broad range of accessories is available to make this tool indispensable for a large number of industries and production people.


Well balanced motor to prevent vibration
Large air output 350 l/min
Air cooling after use with a convenient rocker switch, eliminating temperature adjustments
Broad line of easily installed nozzles that are compatible with similar tools.
Large air intake to keep tool cool
Replace brushes from outside the tool - no need to disassemble
Easily replaced power cord should it become damaged
Generates its own air with built-in blower and motor
Electronic variable temperature control up to 700°C
Sliding switch for on/off control
Snug fitting ceramic element to prolong element life
Overall light weight 1.08 Kg (1.4Kg inc. power lead)
Small handle for ease of use - ergonomically designed to make the job easier
12-month warranty on parts and workmanship excluding the element and wearing parts ie Brushes - Bearings etc.

Voltage: Double Insulated - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Heating Capacity: 1500 Watts 240 V (120 V, 1600 Watts, Avail On Req)
Current: Maximum 10 Amps
Air Output: 350 l/min
Pressure: 28 mbar
Temperature: To 700°C infinitely variable
Weight: 1.08Kg
Cable: 3 Mtr
Dimensions: 310mm long, handle grip 50mm to 56mm at base

Pack Size 1

Price: $645.00 +GST